Engineering Solution

Linear Static & Transportation Analysis of Bulk Storage Tank

The Bulk Storage Tank with maximum operating capacity of 2100 cubic feet was to be used on the Mad Dog Platform for the storage of a liquid having a density of 135 lb/cubic feet. The scope of work included performing Linear Static Analysis of the bulk storage tank under environmental loads (wind load) after the installation of tank assembly on the platform. SACS software was used. Also, transportation analysis of the same tank during transportation on a barge was carried out using SACS software.

Analysis and Design calculations of Macerator Skid Platform - QATAR KENTZ

The platform PS-2 (Maydan Mahzam) oil field was owned and operated by Qatar Petroleum (QP). KENTZ Engineers and constructors have been contracted by Qatar Petroleum (QP) to provide the EPC services for a New Macerator Platform. A new deck is required below the new IWS (Instrument work shop) to accommodate the macerator unit with an access staircase from the current deck. This macerator platform is supported by hanging supports taken from main deck beam. Structural design and analysis of the Macerator platform, the In-Service analysis using SACS software was carried out.

Structural Verification and Certification of Offshore Platforms

Client wants to verify the existing structural analysis SACS model (including SACS psi data) and equipment layout drawings, update the SACS structural model (based on the available as-built/AFC drawings) and perform the structural analyses required for ascertaining the adequacy of strength of the platforms.

Client want us to perform Structural Re-Assessment Analyses including Inplace, Seismic and Push-over (for storm loading) analyses in order to CERTIFY the platforms against the requirements of the latest edition of API RP 2A. Extreme environmental loads with applicable return periods should be chosen to satisfy API requirements. Either WSD or LRFD approach can be followed for all structural analyses and code checks.

Also we have to take advantage of nonlinear push-over analysis for seismic loading also in case the conventional response spectrum (linear) method predicts unacceptable level of stresses and deflections of the structural members/joints. The seismic push-over analysis shall be performed with strength level earthquake (SLE) loads and a minimum reserve strength ratio (RSR) of 1.5 has to be achieved. For 100-yr environmental load push-over analysis, a minimum RSR of 1.2 has to be achieved.

PGC Cooler Revamp at LP Compressor Module

Client also wanted Power Skids to carry 3.3kV MV motor starters panels, LV switchgear, LV distribution panels and associated electrical equipment. Aryatech provided complete engineering support consisting of Resting, Winching, Transportation & Lifting analysis and complete detailed drawings package.

Client had planned to remove & dismantle existing Air coolers (including their associated facilities) on the roof of existing LP compressor module of Process Platform. Aryatech provided complete engineering support consisting of Global & Local In-place analysis, reinforcement details and complete detailed drawings package.

Sub-Structure Analysis

Client is upgrading its mobile, offshore, self-elevating, drilling unit. The Rig, needed to check the sub- structure for the increased drilling load with considering the thickness reduction in structure due to corrosion. Aryatech provided complete engineering support consisting of structural Finite element analysis, reinforcement details and complete detailed drawings package.

Jacking Unit Strength check

Client wants to check the Jacking gear unit structure with the thickness reduction noted as per the gauging report, for the maximum pinion load/maximum reaction on guide. Aryatech has performed finite element analysis for jacking gear unit structure considering the thickness reduction & analyzed with maximum reaction of guide using Ansys. Aryatech has provided minimum reinforcement solution followed by detailed drawing package.

Leg Damage Repair study

Client wanted us to evaluate local strength compromise occurred due to deflection & to find a temporary reinforcement scheme which will allow Rig to go on operation safely. Aryatech has developed the leg model with deflection profile & checked static and buckling strength reduction due to deflection. Reinforcement proposed to regain the strength of braces. Drawings package is developed to show the reinforcement required.

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