Jack Up


Aryatech carried out structural analysis of Mobile Offshore Self-Elevating Drilling Unit using Ansys, SACS and STAAD.Pro. Mobile Offshore Self-Elevating Drilling Unit was required to upgrade for handling the operation of MI-17 Helicopter (13T Version). Aryatech provided complete engineering support consisting of Structural Analysis, Reinforcement details and complete Detailed Drawings Package.


Aryatech performed detailed Structural Analysis of the mud processing unit on Jack-up Rig which was undergoing refurbishment. We used STAAD.Pro to check the strength sufficiency of Mud Processing unit due to up gradation of equipment and relocation of vertical column supporting platform. The Analysis was supplemented by Detailed Drawings Package.

SMIT Replacement

Aryatech carried out Detailed Analysis and Stiffness Calculation of the Rig using Ansys and provided the optimized design of under Deck Reinforcement. Client was installing 5 number of new SMIT Brackets (150 Tons, Safe Working Load), 4 new panama chocks and 3 New Double Bollards on Rig. 3 existing SMIT Brackets on-board. The Rig was checked for SWL as well.


Aryatech prepared a detailed Finite Element model & carried Analysis for various level of Penetration of Spud can Tip & Reaction Pressure from Seabed. After the detailed study, Aryatech provided correction in Spudcan Design and Repair work details for cracked Spudcan which was well accepted by Client and ABS.


Aryatech has performed Finite Element Analysis & necessary calculation for Derrick, in which Derrick has been analyzed for increased Drilling Loads and rated Loading of New TDS. Increment in the loads resulted from increased Drilling Capacity of the Rig.

Skidding Development

Aryatech carried out Finite Element Analysis & Supplementary Calculations of the Jack-up Rig under upgradation. Based on Analysis results, Cantilever Load Charts were developed & Strength Sufficiency of the Cantilever supporting structures was checked. The Skidding Load Charts were developed to address the weight changes of the Drilling Package & to update the Rig Operating Manual.


Aryatech performed Transportation Analysis to check the behavior of hull while Transporting the Jack-up to field. Further, based on the results of Analysis, Aryatech provided detailed design of the Sea Fasteners for the Tow. Rig hull was analyzed with inertia loads arising due to Tow. Detailed Fabrication Drawings were provided for the Sea Fasteners.

Lifeboat &

Detailed Structural Analysis of Life boat platform was carried out by Aryatech and Design of the New Foundation for the same was provided. As a part of upgradation of POB capacity of Rig, there was Requirement of Installation of New Lifeboat Platform and FRC of higher capacity to accommodate increased POB. The analysis was supplemented by Detailed Drawing Package.


Aryatech carried out Structural Analysis and Design Calculation of the Emergency Generator Module that was to be installed above the Accommodation Quarter’s Roof. Structural design calculations meeting the structural strength requirement for the revised loading conditions in compliance with ABS rules for Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, 2014 were supplied.

Mud Tank –

Aryatech carried out Structural Analysis of Mud Tank positioned at the aft centre of the hull for additional mud weight of 1000 BBLS. CoG Calculations of the Tank were carried out with reference to ABS Rules. To validate and conserve the Calculation Summary, Finite Element Analysis was conducted with applicable Load Condition.

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