Fixed And Floating Wind Farms

Aryatech provides the Design and Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures subject to Wave, Wind, and Mechanical Loading. The analysis approach is capable of predicting both Fatigue and Extreme Loads for the Substructure and Non-Linear Foundation Systems.


Offshore Wind Turbine Analysis

The wave loading is represented by either a Time History or in Spectral Form. A Random Wave surface profile may be determined from a Wave Height Spectral Density function using multiple random seeds. For this purpose, we use all published spectra like Pierson-Moskowitz, JONSWAP, Ochi-Hubble or User-generated Spectra. Aryatech uses SACS along with GH Bladed and FAST software, accounting for the full coupling between Wave, Wind, and the Windinduced Mechanical Loading for a Multi-Modal Response Analysis

Wind Loading Analysis

Similarly, the Wind Loading can be input as Time History or as a Random Loading developed from the various available Spectra such as Von-Karman, Harris, Kaimal, or User-defined Wind Spectra.

Fatigue Analysis

For the purpose of conducting Wave and Wind induced Fatigue Analysis, Aryatech uses the Rainflow Algorithm counting approach to predict the stress cycles resulting from a Time History Analysis including the ability to sequentially accumulate the damage from Multiple Analysis simulations for numerous Wind Speeds and Sea-States.

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