Jack UP Rig Engineering

Aryatech has specialized knowledge gain from the previous projects completed for various Jack-up Rig designs. We have involved in providing Technical Consultancy on various projects like Conversion of Slotted Rig to Cantilever-type Jack-up Rig, Leg Length Modifications, Constructional details of Wind wall, Shale Shaker House, Arrangement, and Foundation details of BOP Crane, Riser Gantry Crane, Knuckle Boom Crane, Framing Plan, and details of Moonpool Deck, Transformer Room Roof, SCR Room Roof, Pipe Rack Storage Deck, Riser Rack Storage Deck, etc.

  • Sponson Addition Stability & Structural Design
  • Marine Operating Manuals
  • Feasibility Studies on Vessel Modifications for Operational Improvements
  • Sea Fastening and Transportation Analysis
  • Mooring Analysis (Static / Dynamic / Transient)
  • The general arrangement of the Main deck, Lower deck, Drill floor, Machinery deck &
    Accommodation Layout.
  • Anchor winch foundation G. A. & Detail Drawings.
  • Mud gas separator etc.
  • Structural details of mud gas separator including Foundation & related Piping.

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